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Getting Ready for your Maternity Photo Shoot – 6 Important Tips

There are few things in life that can be as thrilling as seeing those pink lines in the pregnancy testing card and now that you know you are expecting. You would want to make the most of this new experience. These days getting a maternity photo shoot is one of the must-dos in the to-do list of expecting mothers and why not? After all it is a great way of celebrating the “wait” before your baby arrives.

You must be really excited about your maternity photo shoot, however there are a few raleigh maternityimportant things that need to be taken care of to ensure that the photographers are taken perfectly. Most mothers feel confused when it comes to how to prepare for a maternity shoot. These tips will help you before and even after you have hired the Raleigh maternity photographer of your choice.

  1. Many women feel unsure about the right time for the photo shoot and thus end up choosing a time that’s too early or too delayed. We suggest that you schedule a session when you have approached 28th week as your belly will have a nice full shape when you are in your seventh or eighth month. So, it is advisable that you start looking for the right Raleigh maternity photographer after your third month as selecting the most suitable one from several professionals available will take some time.
  2. If you wish to take intimate photographs showing off a bare belly then take care of your skin so that it looks good in the photographs. Keep your skin well moisturized, especially around the knees and elbows at least two hours before the shoot. Remove any tight fitting bracelet, ring or wrist watches so that there are no marks on your skin. Getting a manicure would be a good idea so that you can show off lovely hands placed gently on your belly. Also, if you wish to take bare belly images, wear loose clothing that makes you comfortable.
  3. Whether you want to shoot indoors or outdoors or a mix of both should be your personal decision, and make sure you discuss this prior to the session with your Raleigh maternity photographer so that the photo shoot locations are decided in advance.
  4. You can include your family in the pictures to make it more personal. So let older children and pets, if any, participate in the photo shoot and make the photographs more meaningful.
  5. Ultrasounds are the first pictures of your baby so why not include it in your family picture to celebrate the happiness of the new arrival. You can choose to have special portraits of just the momma and the baby.
  6. Clothing is another important part of the photo shoot and it can make or break a look. Using silk and cotton fabric is a good idea as this helps you accentuate the bulging belly in a beautiful way and they drape around the body beautifully. Avoid large patterns or floral prints; instead wear something that you feel comfortable in, because when you feel comfortable and beautiful, it will show that “pregnant glow” on your face.